About NFP

What is Natural Family Planning?

Natural Family Planning is a natural way to postpone or achieve pregnancy. It has been proven to be 99% effective in postponing pregnancy... a method also used with considerable success by couples trying to conceive—even when they’ve previously had difficulty achieving a pregnancy.

Advantages of NFP

MEDICALLY SAFE                              Back to top

Because NFP is 100% natural, it is 100% safe and has no health risks. It involves no potentially harmful birth control drugs or devices.


Because NFP teaches you to become aware of your normal fertility pattern, changes in this pattern can alert you to possible medical problems.   

EFFECTIVENESS                               Back to top

It’s 99% effective in postponing pregnancy—the same effectiveness range as the Pill or Norplant and more effective than devices, creams, and other unnatural methods.  

LOW COST                                      Back to top

NFP costs significantly less than other forms of birth control. Once you learn it, there are no continuing costs.  

IMMEDIATELY REVERSIBLE                 Back to top

You just change your timing. There’s no waiting period. And there’s been no damage to your fertility—as can happen with the use of some unnatural methods.

MORE SATISFYING MARRIAGES             Back to top

Most couples report that NFP has a positive effect on their marriages. They find that periodic abstinence helps keep their relationship fresh, improves their communication, and gives them a deeper respect for each other. Couples also like having a morally consistent message to give their children about sexuality.

MORALLY ACCEPTED                          Back to top

All major religious bodies including the Catholic Church accept the use of NFP by married couples when there is a sufficiently serious reason to postpone pregnancy. The Catholic Church clearly teaches that it is wrong to use unnatural methods of birth control. In addition, birth control drugs (Pill, implants, shots) and the IUD can cause very early abortions. 

NOT THE RHYTHM METHOD                 Back to top

Modern NFP is not the rhythm method. The Calendar Rhythm Method was developed in 1930 and was based on some biological averages, but it did not work well for women who had irregular cycles. Calendar Rhythm was the 1930s model of NFP; tremendous progress has been made since then.  


Modern NFP assumes that every woman is irregular at least some of the time. Therefore, NFP can still be used effectively if you have irregular cycles. In general, if your fertile time comes earlier or later than usual, you will know it because your fertility signs will come earlier or later.   

NFP CAN HELP LESS-FERTILE COUPLES ACHIEVE PREGNANCY                                     Back to top

After learning NFP you will become aware of the most fertile days in your cycle, allowing you to maximize your mutual fertility. In addition, your charted cycles may reveal cetain patterns that can reduce fertility and that you can sometimes correct simply by better health practices. NFP helps many low-fertility couples to achieve pregnancy. If you do need medical assistance, your charts can provide valuable information to a knowledgeable physician.  

LEARN HOW BREASTFEEDING SPACES BABIES NATURALLY                                     Back to top

The world’s oldest form of birth regulation is breastfeeding, and it does space babies when it follows the norms of nature. We call this “ecological” breastfeeding to distinguish it from “cultural” breastfeeding (that has almost no effect on fertility). With ecological breastfeeding, your baby stays close, and you nurse frequently. You eliminate the need for pacifiers, supplemental formulas, and early solids. You nurse your baby without a rigid schedule.
Studies show that with ecological breastfeeding, women commonly experience between 9 and 20 months of postpartum infertility, with the average being 14 ½ months without menstruation. For mothers doing cultural nursing and bottlefeeding mothers, fertility often returns by the third month after childbirth.   


You probably are not looking into NFP out of a desire to improve your marital relationship. However, if you are going to practice NFP harmoniously, you’ll soon find that you need to communicate more fully and creatively with each other. You’ll learn not to ignore each other at times when you choose to postpone the marriage act. Rather, you’ll develop other ways of expressing your love and affection.
Sexual self-mastery helps build the marital relationship, and therefore you’re likely to find that NFP has a positive effect on your marriage. You’ll find that periodic abstinence helps keep your sexual relationship fresh, improves your communication, and deepens your respect for each other.

Through self-mastery, you control your sexual drives (instead of just being driven by them). With self-mastery,you can more freely give yourself in the marriage act. Thus it becomes more the renewal of your marriage covenant that you and God want it to be.    

NFP PUTS GOD IN THE PICTURE           Back to top

For inner peace and for family happiness, you should let God reign in your heart and in your marriage. That’s what chaste and generous NFP is all about—respecting God’s order of creation, letting God be God in our personal lives.
NFP couples have an extremely low divorce rate. No wonder. The practice of NFP helps to develop the strength of character necessary for marital fidelity and lifelong marriage. Couples who respect God’s order of creation will enjoy His blessings.