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Become a Volunteer

We have a variety of positions that can easily fit into your schedule and commitment level. With the exception of the Teaching Couples, all the positions are open to married or single persons. Read the following descriptions to learn more, and if you are interested please contact Maria Gelmi at (302) 837-1540 or

Teaching Couple                               Back to top

Our dedicated volunteer Teaching Couples tell us that teaching Natural Family Planning as a couple has been one of the most rewarding endeavors in their lives.

Teaching Natural Family Planning and marital chastity is not just a challenge, it is the challenge of our time!

You can meet that challenge as a CCL Teaching Couple if you are current married members of the Couple to Couple League.

The main responsibilities of a Teacher Couple include teaching NFP classes as well as providing personal counseling to NFP students. Other responsibilities include promotion and host couple duties if no Promoters are available in your area to assist.

With the work of a teacher, also comes the joy of teaching NFP students and watching them grow in their use of NFP and their understanding of marital love and chastity.
For more information on becoming a teaching couple go to

Promoter                                         Back to top

Promoters can do a lot to assist the certified Teaching Couples in their area. They are sometimes even responsible for getting NFP classes going there in the first place.

The Promoter’s primary duty is to effectively promote an upcoming NFP class through the various media outlets. The local CCL Chapter assigns a Promoter to a Teacher Couple. The Promoter and Teacher Couples can work together to determine the Teacher Couple's class schedule. From that point, the Promoter Couple is in charge of area-wide public relations which includes, but is not limited to submitting public service announcements to local radio stations and community newspapers, informing parish congregations of upcoming classes via church bulletins, or giving witness talks to married and engaged couples. Depending on the situation, the Promoter may be responsible for some Host Couple activities.

This is a wonderful way to start your volunteer work. In contrast to the Teaching Couples, Promoters can participate either individually or as a couple. This position can entail just staying behind the scenes and only doing mail-outs OR for the very outgoing, the promoter can start a NFP ministry in their church developing new ideas for class promotion.

For more information on becoming a promoter go to


Host Couple                                     Back to top

The primary responsibility of a Host Couple is to ensure the facilities are open on the day of the scheduled class as well as greeting and welcoming the students. Other duties may include providing refreshments, aiding the Teacher Couple with class-time operations, and various duties post-class time.

This position provides a great opportunity for couples to see what goes on behind the scenes at an NFP class. It also is a great way to get started in the NFP apostolate because you volunteer in your local area.

Parish Contact                                  Back to top

The primary responsibility of a Parish Contact is to serve as the connection between the local chapter and your parish. This includes ensuring the availability of informational materials and directing any question from the parishioners to the Promoters or Teaching Couples. The parish contact may also help the Promoters to announce new class schedules in the area.

Donate to CCL of Delaware              Back to top

If you feel that you have been helped by natural family planning, we ask that you consider donating to our chapter.

We are a volunteer, non-profit organization and any donation that we receive is greatly appreciated. All donations go directly to our chapter and are used to further the message of natural family planning. If you are able to help in any way, either with a one time donation or regular monthly support, please click on the link below.

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Buy a Subscription

Commission for each subscription of Faith & Family Magazine or National Catholic Register will benefit CCL of Delaware.

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